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cadastral reference

What is cadastral reference in Spain?

How to get a mortgage in Spain

How to get a mortgage in Spain: Key points to consider

buying property in spain

Buying property guide in Spain

moving to marbella spain

Moving to Marbella Spain: your house moving checklist

real estate market guide

Marbella Spain Real Estate Market Guide 2018

The Building Permit

The Building Permit: what is it and what is it for?

Home Insurance: What to take into account

Home Insurance: What to take into account

Homeowners' association insurance

Homeowners’ association insurance: Things to consider.

Public deed

Public deed: what is it? and what is it useful for?

new building or second hand

New building or second hand?

power of attorney

What is and what are the functions of a power of attorney?

brief history Costa del Sol

A brief history of Costa del Sol