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Mortgage Calculator – Mortgage simulator

Calculate your mortgage payment with our mortgage calculator. A simple and easy to use mortgage simulator so that you know how much you will pay. Try it!

Greenlife Estates offers you the possibility of calculating your mortgage payment in a very easy and simple way. For that you should only have to consider three things:
1.   First the total sum or amount of the loan that you desire to borrow up.
2.   Second, the type of banking interest, this is the prince that the banks charge in exchange for the loan. It can be fixed or variable. If it is fixed the monthly payment does not vary along the life of the loan. If it is variable, it maintains a fixed differential which sums to a benchmark which usually is the Euribor, and it is annually or biannually examined.
3.   Finally, the duration of the loan expressed in years.
We can also help you to choose the mortgage fee that best suits your needs.
We will advise you about the acquisition of your new home - Mortgage Simulator

How to calculate your mortgage fee

In this section we explain how to use the mortgage simulator.
To calculate your mortgage you first have to enter the amount of the loan that you borrow.
Next enter the type of banking interest in the second box and finally the duration of the loan expressed in years. Press the "calculate" button and then the monthly amount to pay will appear.

Mortgage calculator

Please use period for decimals (e.g. 4.5)

We will advise you about the acquisition of your new home

If you wish to obtain further information regarding the acquisition of your new home, we provide you with a list of informative resources.

Where and how to take out a mortgage

Necessary procedures to take out a mortgage and banking and financial options that the user has.
1.   Once that we have decided that we want to apply for a mortgage, before we should decide what will be our maximum loan, having into account our incomes and our expenses to calculate the maximum monthly amount that we can pay.
2.   We should ask for information to the different banks so that we can compare the conditions that they offer us, as well as the interest types and the commissions, etc. and decide which is the one that suits us best.
3.   Once that we have chosen the bank, we should provide it with some economic, personal and working information. This documentation will be helpful for the bank, so that they can check that we accomplish the requisites and value if we can support the payment of a mortgage, how much will be the maximum amount that they will grant and the conditions.
4.   Once that all that information is provided, the financial entity will make an economic and financial feasibility study of the operation. Considering the amount requested, the period of time, our debt capacity, etc.
5.   The entity as well will ask for a valuation and verification of the state of charges os the property that we intend to mortgage to know the value and the registry situation of the property. We should pay for these expenses.
6.   Once that the negotiations have ended, we could request the bank the binding offer that includes all the financial conditions of the loan.
7.   The process finishes with the pertinent notarized signature of the public deed, the payment of the taxes to the pertinent tax office and the inscription in the pertinent Land Registration.
As a complement to the previous information, and even, as a previous step, to get a glimpse, we advise you to produce a forecast of the expenses that the fees of your mortgage can represent using our Mortgage calculator . It's easy and fast.